Why Link? 7 Reasons to Share Link Love

When I first began blogging, I enjoyed writing up weekend link love posts for my community. They seemed to enjoy it too and they eventually became part of other blogs’ communities as a result. As my workload got busier I didn’t have as much time for my weekend link love and my community let me know they were disappointed.

At Kommein I try to get my weekend sharing on as often as possible and I also try to link to other blogs in my regular, daily posts.  My readers notice this and like it. In fact, at BlogWorld one attendee said she learned of a terrific blog through my weekend sharing, but asked me why I try to make such a point of it?

“Why link?” she asked? “Isn’t it spamming to link outside all the time? Why can’t you just share it on Twitter or something?”

Glad she asked…

Because sharing is good

There’s a reason why people bring cookies into the office or cupcakes into the classroom and it’s not necessarily to say “Happy Birthday.” People enjoy sharing. They enjoy baking, or knitting or writing and giving their stuff away to people who they know will enjoy it. When bloggers share, it’s because we know our communities will get some use or value from our links. We think you’ll dig what we share.

Because it helps prove a point

It helps to back up a point when I can reference other blogs and their facts and findings as well. Linking to different bloggers helps to validate my side of the story and adds credence to an argument.

Because it can offer an opposing point of view

Just as blogs can have my back in a discussion, they can also shed light on the other end of the coin so readers can digest both sides of the story and make their own informed decisions. Sadly, too many blogs only link to the blogs that make them look good and won’t share all sides, but I prefer a more well-rounded discussion. I’m guessing you do too.

Because people will learn about you

When you link to a blog, the pingbacks will appear on another blog. Now, I don’t experience HUGE pingback traffic, but I do receive some clicks every time I link to someone. Plus, the bloggers who you link to may come by as a result of said pingback and perhaps even take part in the conversation or share the link with their communities. Linking to others is a terrific way to have them learn about you and what you do.

Because you may get some link backs in return

When you link to your favorite bloggers all the time, it puts you on the radar. They may even link back to you from time to time. I can’t promise that will always happen, but if you have good content and good traffic, bloggers will mostly likely send you some good juju back in return.

Because you want to reference a blog post or article

Many times links have more to do with the subject matter than the blog or the blogger. Perhaps the blog revealed an important bit of news or the blogger is speaking on a controversial topic. You may feel that this post or news is important or interest to your readers. That’s the beautiful thing about linking. Because other bloggers are so…interesting it means you never run out of things to blog about.

Because it’s a better way to reward a favorite blogger

I prefer to link to blogs I enjoy over sharing their posts on Twitter or Facebook because it’s more beneficial. Links inside of blog posts do more to raise a blogger’s profile and search engine rankings than a fleeing tweet. I’m still receiving traffic from links received years ago. If you want to show a blogger you appreciate him or her, link from your blog as it’s the gift that keeps giving.

Here are two blogs where the bloggers have the link love down.

Kristi Hines at Kikolani and Lisa Barone at Outspoken Media both offer weekly rundowns of what’s going on in blogging and social media. Through their sharing, I’ve been turned on to many blogs and blog posts – and so have others.It takes a lot of time to compile these links every week and I always appreciate their sharing.

Do you link to other blogs? How do you do it and why do you do it?

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  1. P.S. Jones says:

    The reason I originally started my link love posts is because I was so excited about the stuff I was reading. I know that nearly every blogger has link love post so I tried to make mine more personable by actually describing why each link was so important and what the reader could expect by clicking it.

  2. Julia says:

    I have two blogs. On one I link via memes. On the other, I put links into posts as appropriate but will now look to send out some link love!!