That’s Not Engaging

Have you ever followed a brand where the community manager:

  • Puts up an image on Facebook, with no content, no call to action, no story, ¬†just an emoticon wink or an “LOL?”
  • Tweets out links but very little else?
  • Makes statements with every update, but doesn’t ask questions or invite participation?
  • Keeps days and weeks old announcements pinned to the top of a blog or Facebook page so no one can see new content?
  • Posts off topic content not everyone in the community can relate to?
  • Ignores community questions?
  • Is friendly to all on the outside but creates community drama behind the scenes?


That’s not engaging.


That is all.

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  1. Ric Dragon says:

    No, that most certainly is NOT engaging. I study a lot of different brands on social – and I’ve seen many different approaches. Some, for instance, post cool stuff, then step back. The community jumps in and does the rest, while the CMgr stays mute. Not my favorite. Others DO jump back in (I like that, of course).

    I heard someone suggest the other day that for a brand like Vogue, it’s actually appropriate that they never engage – part of the brand personality to stay above it all.

    But what you’re talking about here just sounds like the very worst of community management – hardly worthy of the title.

    • Deb Ng says:

      I think part of the problem, Ric, is that there are people who feel they’re community managers because they’ve moderated a blog or forum in the past, but it’s so much more than that. And when there are brands who want to bring in the cheapest people possible (as opposed to the best people possible) you’ll see a lot of the above.

  2. Hi Deb, this is so different article from the rest. I was looking for ward to read a lenghty blog but this is just the opposite and to the point. Thanks.