Online Community Management for Dummies

Online Community Management For Dummies
is filled with practical advice for anyone hoping to grow an online community.  It’s a whole summer of my life, a labor of love – about my passion. People and community. If you follow me on Twitter, Friend me on Facebook or hangout with me on Google+,  you know how much I enjoy interacting with others online (and offline).

When the nice people at Wiley invited me to submit a book proposal for several “Dummies” topics they had in mind, I was thrilled. But then I thought about it and asked if I could also submit a proposal about online community management. They were intrigued, I submitted, and the rest is history.

I suggested Online Community Management For Dummies because too many people have the wrong impression about online communities and the people who manage them. They think community management is Facebook or Twitter, and that’s only a very small part.

In Online Community Management For Dummies I share all my favorite tips for growing and interacting with an online community. Geared especially towards businesses (but managers of hobby communities can benefit too!), Online Community Management For Dummies covers:

  • What community is and why it’s important
  • Growing a positive and productive online community
  • The different types of negativity online community managers encounter and how to deal with them
  • How to sell to your community without getting smarmy or pitchy.
  • How to take your community offline
  • Assessing the health of your online commuity
  • How to evaluate the progress of your community outreach efforts.

If I did my job properly, you’ll walk away with practical, actionable information. Online Community Management For Dummies is now sale.


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