Holiday Gifts for Geeks from Around the Blogosphere

Over the last several weeks, we posted a few holiday gifts for geeks. From 21 holiday gifts for bloggers to Twitter jewelry to bacon gifts, we think we covered all the bases here. However, just as there are different types of blogs, there are different kinds of geeks. To make sure you don’t miss out on some great stocking stuffers, and to give you something to point to when you say, “honey, I’d like this…” I’m taking a ride around the blogosphere to see what’s hanging out on other bloggers’ lists.

At Kommein, we have your back.

  1. Laptop Magazine has a list of Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Geeks and there’s nary an iPad on the page. We’re not sure how “Top 5″ this is, but we agree they’re great suggestions anyway.
  2. On the top of‘s list of Tech Gifts is the item on the top of my wish list – an iPad. I think I’m probably not the only one.
  3. Speaking of Inc…Are you tired of receiving be-logo’d cup holders or mouse pads? Me too. Inc. too. They’re sharing Five Promotional Gifts Worth Giving.
  4. I almost drove past this list of Awesome Holiday Gifts for Geeks at Almost. I admit, I’m intrigued by the “Magic Thinking Putty” and my geeky 8 year old wouldn’t mind the magic wand remote.
  5. At Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends we enjoy the obvious search engine attracting, affiliate linking title and make mention of their their list of items for girlfriends who blog. Of course, this list will also work for husbands, wives, boyfriends, and, well, anyone who blogs, really.
  6. It’s so last year, but Autostraddles 19 Coolest Gifts for Geeks, Gamers and Tech-Nerds still works in 2010.
  7. Think Geek has the best selection of geeky, bloggy holiday gifts anywhere.
  8. On a budget? No one has to know you’re a cheapskate. Check out Chris Brogan‘s list of five holiday gifts for nerds  under $100.

What’s on the top of your list? As a geek, what items do you recommend?


  1. Fortress Geek says:

    I’d add us as a Canadian Geeky Webstore too