25 Places to Find Social Media Jobs

UPDATE: 5/21/2013 – As this list is several years old, please see the updated list of 24 Places to Find Social Media Jobs

Looking for social media jobs? You’re in luck! Not only is there an abundance of gigs available, there are an abundance of places to go to find these jobs. Some of them are virtual and some of them are physical, but all can help you to land a job as blogger, social media strategist, or community manager for a large or small business.

Whether your a consultant or looking for permanence, you’re likely to land your dream job social media job here:

  1. Social Media Jobs: Posts a variety of gigs each day, mostly from the U.S, but also from around the world.
  2. Conferences: You’ll have to leave the house for this one! Conferences are a terrific way to network, put out feelers, talk up potential clients and employers and even land a job.
  3. Craigslist: Craigslist has a bad reputation becauase it’s a haven for scammers and spammy types. However, if you take the time to dig a little deeper you’ll find some killer, well-paying opportunities.
  4. Indeed.com: A job search engine, yielding results from various job boards.
  5. Simply Hired: Another job search engine, but I sometimes find different results from the Indeed job search.
  6. ProBlogger: Features blogging jobs and the occasional social media job.
  7. Jobs in Social Media: A social media talent marketplace.
  8. Mashable Job Board: Features jobs in tech and social media.
  9. Twitter: Follow your favorite businesses to learn when they’re hiring. Also, follow job listing sites and aggregators for updates. Use Twitter search to look for the jobs you’re most interested in.
  10. Twitter Job Search: A search engine for jobs advertised on Twitter.
  11. Social Media Job Wire: Features listings from around the U.S.
  12. New Media Hire: Post a job, check out job listings, post resumes and receive job tips.
  13. Web Strategy and Social Media Jobs: Jeremiah Owyang’s job board.
  14. Local Networking Events: Many businesses and municipalities hold networking events.  See what’s happening in your area.
  15. Social Media Biz: A bidding site, which means many clients are looking to low ball.
  16. Monster.com – Lists all sorts of jobs, social media included.
  17. Startuply – Lists startup jobs in tech, social media and marketing, mostly.
  18. Career Builder – Lists social media jobs, among others.
  19. Yahoo! Hot Jobs – Lists some social media jobs but is also attractive to spammers.
  20. The Ladders : Features only jobs paying $100,000 or more, annually. Before you flock over though, keep in mind that this is a paying job board. You can sign up for the free trial, but expect to receive regular spam if you do.
  21. Job Central: Search on social media and expect to receive a hodgepodge of results.
  22. Dice: Features mostly tech jobs but you’ll find a few social media jobs thrown in there as well.
  23. FlexJobs: Another pay to play job site, FlexJobs lists a variety of telecommuting opportunities including social media.
  24. Beyond.com: A search on “social media” yields a variety of opportunities.
  25. FlipDog: Search locally.
Social Job Ops – They don’t update every day but when they do they feature excellent jobs.

Updates – Places to find social media jobs added after the original post was written!

  1. Bonus! We have a social media job search engine here at Kommein, too!
  2. Jobs Online – A freelance and telecommute job service with several different job search engines.

Do you have any favorite places to search for social media work or clients?