10 Ways to Rock Your Facebook Campaign

Now that your business is on Facebook, what are you doing with it? Did you just set up a “like” page and hope people click your button? If that’s all you’re doing, you may as well not have a Facebook presence at all. When it comes to the social networks, it’s all about engagement, interaction and promotion. With the right combination, your Facebook campaign can become a major success.

Here are a few things you can do with your Facebook fan page to help bring in new business and engage existing customers and clients.

1. Host a Q & A

If you have a product or service, chances are people have questions. Answer them on your Facebook page. Either ask permission to reprint email questions, or invite your Facebook community to submit their own. Being available, accessible and transparent will work well in your favor and your community and customers will have faith in what you do.

2. Have a Contest

If done right, contests can raise awareness and boost sales. If not handled properly, they only attract the attention of freebie and discount hunters. Have a contest that will attract both oldies and newbies alike. Give away a coveted prize (one that is appropriate to your business).

3. Offer Discounts to Facebook Users

s. Do something to reward community loyalty. Give away goods or gift cards to your most prolific members. Always make the relationship one that is mutually beneficial.

4. Offer Tips and Useful Information

If you make your Facebook page one that is only filled with links, it’ll turn folks off.  Offer some tips. For example, if you’re an Avon Lady, offer makeup and skincare tips. Use video to show how to apply. Discuss the best and worse food for skin or the best scents for getting romantic. You can promote your stuff without seeming as if you’re promoting your stuff.

5. Polls, Surveys and Quizzes

Throw in some interactive fun with polls, quizzes and survey. Not only will your community enjoy participation, but you’ll receive valuable feedback in return.

6. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Use Facebook for a scavenger hunt – have members find items in past statuses or links. Even better, have them do a search on Facebook involving other fan pages for a little cross promotion.

7. Introduce New Products and Services

Let’s make no mistake. First and foremost, your business has a presence on Facebook because you want to promote your stuff. Now that you’re actively engaging your community, you can do so without feeling spammy. Feel free to introduce new products and services and ask your community what they think of them.

8. Share Nichey Stuff

Share stuff in your niche, that isn’t from you. Using the Avon Lady example again, find videos, articles, tips and fun stuff having to do with skin care, fragrances and cosmetics. Share someone else’s stuff at least once a day and see if you can rock a discussion.

9. Share Member Tips, Stories, Videos and Images

Invite your fans and community members to share their own tips and stories. Have them post videos and images of them using your stuff.

10. Host a Live Chat

Have a weekly or monthly live chat on your Facebook page. Open up for questions and discussion topics.

What are some of the ways you engage your community on your business Facebook page?

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  1. randaclay says:

    Thanks Deb- I needed this one. I’ve been guilty of just feeding in from the RSS of my kids site and not really interacting in a more meaningful way. Thanks for the nudge.

  2. Ky Ekinci says:

    Do you know of an example of company running a Live Chat on facebook? I’d like to see what that looks like?

  3. TC Comms says:

    Scavenger hunts are a great tool, as long as they aren’t too complicated, we have come across the odd tough one!

  4. TC Comms says:

    Scavenger hunts are a great tool, as long as they aren’t too complicated, we have come across the odd tough one!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Deb. This is very timely for my new FB page. I’m still struggling with building engagement.

  6. Paul Crowe says:

    Nice Post with some interesting ideas Thanks !

  7. Melissa says:

    Deb – Thanks for this article! I think I will put a link to this on my FB news feed. I am tired of just seeing posts from friends trying to sell me something every day instead of offering some interesting interaction. I feel like a few of my friends are just spamming me all the time!