10 Google+ Tips to Help You Get Off to a Good Start

Are you on Google+ yet? I got my invite the other day and it’s another interesting social network with the potential to be the next big thing. I have to admit, I’m spending more time on it today than I should be, but I can justify it by sharing some tips with you for the some of the things I’ve been learning about Google+.

  1. Be mindful when emailing everyone for every single status update. It’s both a pro and a con that we can receive updates in our mailboxes. If you have the makings of what could turnout out to be a big network, it can get a little unwieldy to have all of that email. If you don’t like receiving emails for every single Facebook update, you might not like email updates for Google+ either. Make adjustments and hopefully your friends will too.
  2. If you are part of Google+ at this point, you’re one of their beta testers. It’s in the early stages and very few people are interacting right now. This is a really good thing because it allows you to totally explore the Google+ features and even offer feedback. Have fun with it before everyone gets an invite. Then you can write posts like this and everyone will oooh and aaah over your expertise.
  3. Import your Facebook contacts: Or not. It’s still kinda quiet on Google+, and I’m not sure I’m ready for a noisy stream just yet.
  4. Take advantage of your circles.  Separate your friends and followers so your streams don’t become too noisy. I have streams for Writers and bloggers, social media friends, family, friends, community managers and BlogWorld speakers. This way not everyone receives all of my updates and if I only wanted to share news with, say, BlogWorld speakers, you’ll don’t have to deal with it.
  5. + =  “Like” – Show your approval to your friends for a good share with the “+” button. (Hence the name “Google+)
  6. Check out the apps – I already downloaded the Droid app and it’s working so far so good.  You know what that means, right? Food pictures!
  7. Use the “@” symbol to tag your friends. It works the same way as on Twitter and Facebook, if you tag them, your update will show up in their streams.
  8. Use the privacy settings: For example, if you disable “reshare,” it’ll keep your status updates from being shared by different people. Also, if you use “View Profile As” you can see what other people see what they look at your profile and make any necessary adjustments. You can also edit comments, stop random people from emailing, publish only for certain circles to see and even decide who can view certain aspects of your profile.
  9. Use “j” to navigate up, and “k” to navigate down – I’ve seen this tidbit shared about five times in the past hour. Navigate through the different updates by using “j” and “k”. Of course, the scroll your scroll bar works too.
  10. Mute the posts you don’t want to see: If there’s an inappropriate photo or message that you’re not interested in seeing every time you log in, you don’t have to wait until it drops off the page. Each update has a “mute” function so you can banish it from your view forever.


Google+ is still very, very new and these are only a few preliminary tips. Stay tuned and we’ll see what else we can find out for you. In the mean time, feel free to share your own tips here.


  1. Salma Jafri says:

    hey Deb I’m one of the early testers (yay) and interested in finding out what kind of content people are putting up on G+ We’re used to using FB for personal and biz, Linkedin for just biz and twitter for social networking, so where do you see Google+ fitting in or do you think it’ll be a free-for-all-kinda-place? 

  2. Deb Ng says:

    That’s a great question. Right now folks seem to be testing the waters. It’s not as spammy as Twitter or personal as Facebook yet – from what I see most people are mostly talking about Google+

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really useful Debra! Many thanks. not sure how I got to be picked & it is all a bit strange but these tips helped! 

  4. You can also use the + instead of the @ 

  5. Mrs TeePot says:

    awesome! thanks :) *goes to play with features*

  6. Slewis1060 says:

    This is an excellent article … Can’t way for my invite!

  7. Sandi says:

    I needed those.  I only wish these things came more naturally to me!